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TiTAN Gateway Email Security - TiTAN Technology Solutions

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About TiTAN

TiTAN Gateway Online is a part of TiTAN Technology Solutions, the leading experts in cloud-based technology solutions. An innovative company, we are dedicated to finding the right solutions for each client, aiming to maximize our client’s technological potential. Our hands-on approach to development, support, backup and migration to the cloud enables technology to play a leading role in shaping success for our clients.

At TiTAN, our focus is to provide the services and solutions that enable our clients to focus on their own core initiatives. Through our consulting services, we will work directly with our clients to determine pain points, needs, opportunities and solutions. We only recommend solutions that deliver the most value to our clients, ensuring that pain points are eliminated, needs are addressed, opportunities captured and solutions optimized.

If a consultation reveals that the current infrastructure can perform as expected with a few modifications, we will work with your development team to keep your project within scope and budget to maximize the overall impact your technology solutions will have on your business, aiming for a rapid return on investment.

TiTAN services can also offer full management in all aspects of the implementation and administration of your IT system. This eliminates a significant cost for smaller businesses that cannot afford on-site IT staff, yet need the expertise of a strong IT leader to effectively maintain and run their system.

TiTAN Technology Solutions is a dynamic company with a clear vision for how Software as a Service (SaaS) can revolutionize technological capabilities in today’s fast changing business environment. In working in conjunction with major software companies, and with independent software vendors, TiTAN offers a wide-ranging supply of services to clients.

Experience and innovation combine to create TiTAN’s unique blend of Technology Solutions. Services are easily accessible and quickly obtainable, while minimum lead times ensure the end customer has a fast and efficient solution that meets their needs. These services are also enhanced by the degree of security that a large-scale operation like TiTAN can guarantee.

Filtering accuracy

A.I. Spam Detection

98.99% protection against Spams and 100% on all known email viruses.

False Positive

False positive commitment of less than 1 in 350,000 emails.

Uptime SLA

At 99.999% and 4 nodes for each customer, prevents disruptions in traffic.